Services: What I can do for you

Quality, Functionality & Attention to Detail.
Understanding, Communication & Value.

I am not currently available to take on new work or clients.

How you'll find working with me

My typical client hires me because they want top quality design. They expect nothing short of perfection - everything they do is world-class and the quality of the design has to reflect that. They know that there are cheaper designers out there, but they hire me because they know they'll get what they want, how they want, and that it won't be a struggle getting it right.

I'm a perfectionist, I'm proud of every piece of work I deliver. It's not all about money, what's most important to me is doing an excellent job and producing something outstanding. I don't take on more work than I can do whilst maintaining my top level of design. I love seeing a project progress from initial discussions to final delivery, and get real satisfaction out of how please my clients are when they get their product and know they made the right decision when they hired me.

I'm easy to work with and English is my first language, so developing a mutual understand the progect is simple. I'm honest and concise, and won't try to up-sell you things you don't need. I work fast and like to keep momentum going, so will frequently update you with progress and new designs. Once we finish the project, I'll still be available for support, which I provide in a common-sense manner - if you need a small change I'll do it quickly and for free. Contact me here and we can have a no-obligation chat about what you need and whether I'm a good fit for you.

What do I do?

The Process

Step One: Your Requirements

My understanding of what you are trying to accomplish is key to success, so before we begin design work we will discuss your needs and how you intend to meet them. I will offer my thoughts and opinions and share any previous experiences I have had that are pertinent. It is at this stage that we define expectations and deliverables, set deadlines and decide pricing.

Step Two: Conceptual Design

I will provide you with initial, draft designs that you will provide feedback on. This is important as it ensures that we are on the same page, working towards the same goal.

Step Three: Design Development

Through feedback and discussion, we develop the draft designs into the final product. Regular feedback and discussion ensures that you get exactly what you want.

Step Four: Delivery & Support

Payment is completed and I deliver the final product in a format agreed previously. I am happy to provide on-going, common-sense support to all my clients, only charging to support when the services required are significant.